The Philanthropy Bank is a Repository of Compassion...

And by this we mean: This service is for those who wish to assist those who need help in their community, by donating of themselves, their skills, and / or expertise, as opposed to monetarily.

At the Philanthropy Bank, we ask you to deposit your skills, talents, or any professional prowess to be called upon, in service to others in need, at a future date.
For example, a person exiting the streets may need a make-over; and anyone depositing their talent, may see a Wishlist posting for 'interview' clothing, or hair-styling by a professional, or even a ride to another part of town...if you volunteer your car (you are the chauffeur) for 1/2 each year.

Are you an accountant who can give a half-hour each year to a member who identify needing assistance? However feel we can help another, can be deposited and eventually put to 'Good' use by those in need. Your kindness can & will have a direct impact on the confidence and Potential of many people needing help to stand up.

There are countless possible 'situations,' where assistance my even be could arise or someone with communications skills is always needed to assist another in advocating for their rights. Or perhaps even depositing a half-hour of your day to have a conversation, get to know another human being, offering them your 'ear,' over a cup of tea/ coffee. This can make a world of a difference for so many suddenly alone, and confused, on the streets. Ask us for more information.

We deposit compassion, while counting on each other, at the Philanthropy Bank.